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Logan: Logan is a very adventurous little guy. He loves to explore the classroom along with his friends. Logan rally enjoys when we lay with bubbles. He is great at sitting and waiting for us to blow the bubbles, then he laughs with delight as they surround him. We are excited to watch him pull up on everything and stand up. We think he will soon begin to take steps. Hopefully Logan loves to read when he gets older because when we look at books he is always very attentive. We absolutely enjoy Logan and cannot wait to see his next achievement.



Corbyn: Corbyn is a very adventurous toddler. With his outgoing personality, he keeps us going! He has progressed very well with learning his animals and animal noises. Corbyn is a great helper, he loves to clean and help his friends with different tasks. He shows great interest in cars as well as building things. Since Corbyn has joined our class, his vocabulary has improved greatly. We love having Corbyn as a part of our class.


Young Two’s:

Chance: Chance is a very shy, but sweet little guy. He is starting to open up a lot to his friends and teachers. Chance plays very well with all of his classmates. His favorite activity of the day is art, and a close second is story time. Chance loves to color and paint. Chance has become very independent since coming to our class. He likes to do most things on his own and is a big helper in class. We are so proud of the progress he has made in many areas. He knows his body parts, objects, and most colors; he can even say his ABC’s. He is doing so well and we love watching him grow.


Older Two’s:

Amir: Amir is a loving and sweet child. His smile is contagious and he has a personality to match. Amir is smart and independent. He is a great helper to his teachers. He is very caring and shows concern for his classmates. Amir gets very excited to learn new things. He participates in circle time every day and has made great progress with his numbers, letters, shapes, and colors too. Amir loves to play cars with his friends. We are so proud of all the progress he has made socially and academically.



Rhyion: Rhyion is such a model student. He takes everything he is taught and masters it in no time! Rhyion is so sweet and intelligent. He can spell his first and last name, count to 10, recognize all his letters and numbers, and is working hard on tracing. Rhyion loves to do puzzles and play with action figures and he is our little Dancing King during Music and Movement. Rhyion is currently working on proper scissor use and free handed writing. Each day in school, we are seeing new skills. We are so proud of the student Rhyion is and the student he is becoming. Keep up the great work!



Nathan: Nathan is back!!! We are so glad that Nathan is in our class, he loves to make new friends and he has a lot in class. Nathan is working extra hard on learning how to spell his name and how to recognize some sight words, he knows almost all of his letters and numbers too. Nathan enjoys building with blocks, and playing with cars. Nathan also loves music time; he turns into a dancing machine whenever he hears some music. We are so happy to have our friend back, we missed you!



Camdyn: Camdyn is a sweet and smart young man who is so full of life. He is amazing at circle time with recognizing his colors, shapes, weather, and even spelling his name. Camdyn keeps the class going with his witty jokes and silly sense of humor. Camdyn loves to play with “Co-Co” the train and talks about his baby brother Corbyn too. We love seeing Camdyn’s art work. He has awesome fine motor skills and it shows in his work from the way he colors, to the way he paints. We have seen progress with his writing, tracing, and even drawing shapes. We are so proud of his progress and love having him in class.