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Rilynn: Rilynn is a pleasure to have in our infant class. She enjoys all the activities of the room, especially when we read books. Her favorite is the book with all the different animals in it. She really likes the pictures. Her fine motor skills are progressing beautifully as she recently began eating Cheerios for snack. She uses her little fingers to pick up each piece (she loves the independence of it J.) We love to watch her explore the class and see how things work. Now that she is crawling more, we get to see her enjoy new things and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!


Maya: Maya is extremely loving and smart. She is a happy girl and loves to play. Her favorite activity is playing with the dolls in home-living. During circle time, she is using more vocabulary and working on her language skills. We have seen growth in her self-help skills and will continue to assist her with newly learn skills. Maya is very independent but a little shy but is definitely coming out of her shell a bit more. We are very proud of the progress she has made and are thankful to see her smiling face every day.

Young Two’s:

Cami: Cami is a spectacular little girl. She is very inquisitive and loves to learn new things. She is making great progress learning her numbers, and already knows all of her shapes and colors. She is very independent and loves to do things on her own, so we are sure potty training will be a breeze. Cami is a gentle child. She loves to help her friends and is always concerned of their feelings. Whenever they are sad, it’s Cami to the rescue with hugs. Cami’s favorite activity of the day is center play. She loves to build with blocks and feed the babies in home-living. Cami is an amazing child and we love having her in class.

Older Two’s:

Clara: Clara is loved by everyone she meets. She has a sweet personality and a genuine, contagious smile every morning. Clara is super smart; she has mastered her colors, shapes, and numbers. We have even learned some letters too. Clara loves to do art and gets so excited to see what we will do for the day. She is very helpful to the teacher and likes to guide her friends to make good choices. She gets along with everyone, shares nicely, and makes sure they are ok. We are so amazed at her intelligence and are so proud of her accomplishments both socially and academically. We are very lucky to have such a sweet girl in class.


Miles: Miles is our MR. ADVENTURE! He is so brave and fearless. It takes a little while for him to come out of his shell, but when he does, his personality is bursting with creativity and fun. Miles knows all his letters and numbers, and can spell his first and last name. He even knows his basic colors and shapes. We are now working on dot to dot tracing and cutting on the lines. Miles favorite centers are home-living and cars. He is always a construction man or a mechanic. Miles is so eager to learn every day. He likes to teach too! He loves to be the weather man during circle time and do the ABC flashcards. Miles is a great leader. He often tells his classmates to share “like Mia” his big sister. Thank you, Miles for always making learning fun.

Fours: S

a’Rayah: Sa’Rayah is one of the BIGGEST dance machines we know here at Kimbi’s. Put on some music and she will break it down! She is super fun and we love to play with Sa’Rayah at gym time. She likes to show a little bit of her competitive side to her friends, which makes for a good time. Sa’Rayah is very smart and knows all of her shapes and colors, and is doing an amazing job on learning her letters, numbers and sight words. She is sure to know all of them in no time! Sa’Rayah loves to play in home-living and is always one of the first to put the babies to sleep. We are so glad to have Sa’Rayah in our class and love seeing her bright smile every day.


Mariana: Mariana is very bright, outgoing and unique and she has a very caring personality. You can often find Ms. Mariana playing with baby dolls, coloring with friends, or busting out some awesome dance moves. Mariana is one of our best helpers. She likes to help by cleaning up, or even passing out papers. Mariana is a Rock Star with everything she puts her mind to. We are very impressed with Mariana’s ability to recognize most of her shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. She has recently become a pro at tracing her name and using scissors to cut. We are so excited to see what other things Mariana has in store for us to see.