1. Full Name

  2. Address

  3. City

  4. State Zip

  5. Phone Number Email

  6. Position Applying For Full TimePart Time

  7. Days & Time Available

  8. Salary Expected

  9. Do you have reliable transportation? YesNo

  10. Are you interested in bringing your children to work with you? YesNo

  11. Do you have any physical condition that may restrict your
    performance of the job you are applying for? YesNo


  12. Will you need any time off in the next 90 days? YesNo


  13. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? YesNo

  14. Please be prepared to show documentation of all information you list below


  15. High-School DateCompleted

    (GED or highest grade completed if not diploma)

  16. College: Date Completed

    Major: Degree/Certificate

  17. Number of credit hours in early childhood development

  18. Other licenses, credentials or certificates that may qualify you

  19. Do you have an active First-Aid & CPR certification? YesNo
    ExpirationDate:First-Aid CPR

  20. Are you certified in Medication Administration Training (MAT)? YesNo

  21. Please list only child-related work experience in this section

  22. Business Name Phone #

    Job Title Age Cared For?


    Reason For Leaving

    Supervisor's Name

    Dates Employed to

  23. Business name Phone #

    Job title Age Cared For?


    Reason For Leaving

    Supervisor's Name

    Dates Employed To

  24. Non Child Care Work

  25. Business Name Phone #

    Job Title


    Reason For Leaving

    Supervisor's Name

    Dates Employed To

  26. Volunteer Or Unpaid Experience

  27. Have you ever been employed at Kimbi's before? YesNo
    Dates Employed to

  28. What qualities about you will benefit Kimbi's?

  29. References: Two Professional references are required (Please list supervisors only, not co-workers)

  30. Employer Name Title

    Phone #

  31. Employer Name Title

    Phone #

  32. Persons to be notified in case of illness or emergency)

  33. Name Address

    Relationship Phone#

    Name Address

    Relationship Phone#

  34. By clicking the SUBMIT button, the applicant acknowledges all information provided to be accurate and truthful. The applicant also understands that if the information provided is found to be otherwise, the applicant shall be disqualified from consideration and or terminated from employment.

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